4 Reasons to Work with Micro-Influencers


4 Reasons to Work with Micro-Influencers 

It’s nearly impossible to scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing a sponsored post or ad by a digital influencer. As the number of Instagram users has ballooned to over 800M and blogging has shifted from a hobby to an industry, influencer marketing has become a necessity for any brand seeking connection with a young consumer. 

Many brands are drawn to mega-influencers with the largest followings, but data suggests they may not provide the best return on investment. Micro-influencers, content creators with smaller followings (figures vary but general consensus is from 10-100k) and a focused niche (i.e. a Chicago-based healthy food blogger, a Seattle-based home design Instagrammer) have become a valuable alternative for brand partnerships.

Here are five reasons to consider micro-influencers for your next project:

  1. Lower investment

    With a larger following comes higher rates for sponsored content. According to Forbes, influencers with a million followers can command 50k or more per Instagram post. Micro influencers have lower fees and are more cost effective, enabling brands to broaden their reach by working with a wider number of content creators.

  2. Higher engagement

    Research shows that when influencers surpass 100k followers, engagement begins to decline, while smaller followings carry higher rates of engagement. One recent study shows influencers with 1-5k followers have the highest rate of engagement for branded content. Consumers are more likely to connect with an influencer they can personally relate to than an online celebrity, and those micro influencers are more likely to reply to those comments and messages.

  3. Authenticity with a targeted group

    Micro-influencers tend to collect followings related to their specific content topics and geographic area, making it easier for brands to ensure their messaging is reaching the desired audience. They are more likely to have an authentic connection to your brand and act as an advocate. Micro-influencers are regarded as experts and trusted by consumers when it comes to purchasing decisions.

  4. A more collaborative partner

    Mega-influencers are likely being courted by multiple brands and working on numerous projects at any given time. They may have less time and incentive to focus on your particular campaign than content creators with a smaller following. Micro-influencers are in tune with the audience you want to reach and can act as trusted partners in developing impactful content.

Tara Wilson Agency is well-versed in identifying key influencers and managing partnerships. Feel free to reach out tarawilsonagency.com learn how TWA can help your brand move the needle with effective micro-influencer strategy.

Dawn Snodgrass